Keeping it real

Many people assume that having a tier or two made from foam will save them a lot of money on the overall cost of the cake. This is unfortunately false. The major cost of wedding cakes is not in the cake - it is the decorative work.

Intricate fondant cakes take hours and sometimes days to complete and the same decorative work needs to be done to foam or cake.

Many believe the myth that using polystyrene tiers and then having ‘kitchen’ cakes will considerably reduce the cost of their wedding cake. In fact, it’s likely to cost you more! It seems rather strange to take the ‘cake’ out of the wedding cake on display, only to bake separate cakes for cutting.

Not only do I need to decorate a fake cake, I then need to bake and ice kitchen cakes. Decorating cakes takes time...the more intricate and detailed, the more time it will take, making the cake more costly.

It makes little difference if I am decorating foam or cake; the work is still the same. All wedding cakes you see made by me are all real.