How big does my wedding cake need to be?

Cake portion sizes are based on a simple principle of how the cake is to be served; known in the biz as ‘coffee’ or ‘dessert’. If you are having a full three course meal at your reception, then a ‘coffee’ portion is ideal. It is 1” x 1” x height of the cake. If you are planning on having your wedding cake as your only sweet option, then a ‘dessert’ portion is recommend. It is 2” x 2” x height of the cake. Remember, if you are planning to keep the top tier, you need to ensure the rest of the cake is big enough.

In the diagram below, the 'coffee' portion is referred to as a 'finger' portion - that is the old fashioned terminology.

The smaller portion is the 'coffee' portion.; still a generous amount of cake. Most couples will opt for a coffee sized cake portion.

Tip: If you are planning on serving your cake as the ONLY dessert at the wedding you must ensure that each guest is considered in your portions. In this instance, the cake will be plated individually and served to each guest, just like the entree or main course would be.

Also, check with your venue about charges relating to serving your cake as dessert. Many venues charge a fee to cut and plate your cake as dessert. Most places charge around $2 per person, however, some are as high as $7 per person. It is worth asking the question of your venue before making your final choice to serve your cake as dessert.